Project Management

Our aim is to develop individual shop fitting and interior finishing solutions for you. You tell us when your project is due to start and when it must be completed – we take care of everything else! We draw up detailed execution plans and time schedules accurate to the day and find out which resources are required for practical implementation.

To us, project control means applying our up-to-date knowledge, skills, methods and techniques to all steps and processes forming part of a project. Thus, we manage and design even the most complex projects successfully – for and together with our customers. We focus our attention deliberately on quality and deadlines, since every building block must be at the right time in the right place – this is essential.

Our LIERSCH Project Management System embraces a set of tailor-made standards and rules. This is the basis on which we assure the quality of our projects – regardless of the scale of the project. During the entire project cycle, this approach ensures that the project can be managed and controlled efficiently, and it provides for the highest degree of transparency and maximum customer benefit.

In line with our holistic approach to your project, we do not only look in detail at the various project phases, but we also distinguish between different implementation phases. This reduces the complexity of the project and enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of our project management.

LIERSCHs Communication and Reporting System guarantees transparency and reliability to our customers throughout the project cycle. Our aim is to be able at any time to make a reliable statement about the project status and the further course of action. Within this framework, clear responsibilities and communication paths are defined, as well as the conditions and prerequisites that are essential for the smooth performance of the project.

Thus, updated information about the status and the progress of your project is available to you at any time without taking much of your precious time. Ensuring this service for you and providing for high-quality execution of the project up to the smallest detail – this is what we mean by “service commitment”.

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means: Optimum consultancy and support service in each individual project phase, starting from the project setting, even before the project itself starts. We support you in scheduling/phase planning and determine the necessary resources.

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L-Quality System

Our consistent project structure, involving project management, site management and team management, is the basis for ensuring quality and efficiency of the services on site in each individual case.

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As an added plus, our customers can profit from of our service “LIERSCH Overnight”. This means that we refit your customer area overnight. During the daytime, business goes on as usual.

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L-Roll out

You are planning to refurbish several houses or stores in different cities simultaneously within the next 3 months? If possible from a single source? Then we are the right partner. We have both the know-how and the resources to complete a nationwide rollout within a limited period of time.

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